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Contestant Registration

Contestants must register at the Secretariat in Hamamatsu in person on the dates specified by the Secretariat (either November 6 or November 7, 2024).

Travel Support

Each contestant is responsible for his/her own travel expenses. However, the following contestants will receive travel support as outlined below:

  • Non-Japanese contestants currently residing in Asia¥50,000 toward air travel and domestic travel expenses
  • Non-Japanese contestants currently residing outside Asia¥100,000 toward air travel and domestic travel expenses
  • Japanese contestants currently residing outside Japan50% of the above-stated travel support
  • Contestants currently residing in JapanNot eligible for travel support
【 Notes 】
  • ・Contestants who possess dual nationality will receive the travel support based on the country they are currently residing.
  • ・Contestants must inform the Secretariat as soon as possible of any change in place of residence that occurs after submission of their application.

Accommodation Support

The Organizer will bear the accommodation expenses of the contestant and provide a daily per diem allowance for food, only if the contestant stays in a hotel specified by the Secretariat from the day of contestant registration until the following dates.

First Stage contestants Until the morning of November 14, 2024
Second Stage contestants Until the morning of November 19, 2024
Third Stage contestants Until the morning of November 23, 2024
Finalists Until the morning of November 26, 2024

Piano Selection

Contestants will have the opportunity to trial the pianos provided by the Secretariat and select the one for their performances.

Piano Practice

Beginning two days before the First Stage (November 7, 2024), a room with a grand piano will be made available to each contestant at no charge for the period specified below:

First Stage contestants A minimum of 4 hours per day.
Second and Third Stage contestants and Finalists 12 hours per day in a dedicated practice room.
Third Stage contestants Third Stage contestants will rehearse with the chamber musicians the day before the Third Stage (November 18, 2024).
Finalists Finalists will rehearse with the orchestra before the Final Stage (November 21 or November 22, 2024).

Decision on the Order of Appearance

The order of appearance will be determined at the Drawing for Appearance Order (November 8, 2024) and will not change once it has been decided. However, for the Final Stage only, changes may be made when necessary.