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Each contestant is responsible for applying for and acquiring his/her visa into Japan. Contestants can contact the Japanese Embassy or Consulate in their respective countries of residence for more information. The Secretariat should be contacted if a written guarantor is required.

【 Notes 】
  • The contestant must notify the Secretariat if he/she has been invited to Japan for any other activities, such as participation in another competition or concert engagements, which will take place before, after or during the Competition.

Insurance/Compensation for Damage

In principle, the Organizer will not compensate for any physical, material or mental damage caused or incurred by the contestants during the period of the Competition and other programs associated with the Competition. Each contestant is responsible for his/her necessary insurance.


For any performance that takes place during the Competition or during the concerts held by the Organizer, the Organizer reserves the right to:

(1) broadcast the performance via television, radio or internet;
(2) record it, irrespective of whether the recording will be broadcasted or not;
(3) take recordings, photos or videos which are later used to produce printed materials, CDs, DVDs, etc., for promotion and sales.

Protection of Personal Information

Personal information of applicants and contestants collected for the Competition will be managed by the Organizer according to Japanese law and will be used only for the operation of the Competition.

Legal Guidelines

All support and allowances, prize money and appearance fees received by the contestants are taxable under Japanese tax law.

Any disputes that arise in connection with this prospectus will be resolved according to the original Japanese text of this prospectus and Japanese law.