The Road to Victory

The Competition lasts for a long period of two weeks. Do you know how to advance toward the victory?
We will tell you from A to Z of the competition procedures alongside of the 10th Competition schedule.

1. First Press Release: June 7 (Wed), 2017

The prospectus of the 10th Competition 2018 is to be announced in public.

2. Application Period: Between February 1 (Thu), 2018 and April 15 (Sun), 2018

*The 9th Competition 2015 received 449 applicants from 42 countries and 1 region.

3. Preliminary Selection: May 21 (Mon) – 27 (Sun)

The selection is proceeded based on the DVD, concealing “name, age and nationality” of each applicant.

Preliminary SelectionPreliminary Selection

4. Notification of Results of Preliminary Selection

Applicants are notified of the results by June 30 (Sat).
Successful applicants, now called “Contestants” plunge into their patient and intensive practice heading toward the competition.

5. Contestants’ Registration: November 6 (Tue) – 8 (Thu)

Contestants coming from their countries gather in Hamamatsu.
Piano selection and drawing for appearance order are to follow before the competition kicks off.
Jury members also arrive in the town around this period.

Contestants’ RegistrationContestants’ Registration

6. Piano Selection: November 6 (Tue) – 8 (Thu)

The first job for contestants is to select a piano used for the competition.
They can choose the best one for their own use out of some models placed on the stage of the Concert Hall.

Piano SelectionPiano Selection

7. Drawing for Appearance Order: November 8 (Thu)

The order of appearance is decided by drawing. Please check out the order on our website.

Drawing for Appearance OrderDrawing for Appearance Order

8. Opening Concert: November 7 (Wed)

You can enjoy a piano recital by Alexander GADJIEV, first prizewinner of the 9th Competition.

9. First Stage: November 9 (Fri) – 13 (Tue)

Over five days, each contestant performs a free choice of pieces including more than one etude within 20 min (72 contestants performed in the 9th Competition).
Results of judgement (24 successful contestants) are to be announced on the last day of November 13 (Tue).

First StageFirst Stage

School Concerts and Home Concerts

Those contestants who cannot advance to the next stage may voluntarily showcase their performances in a mini concert at public schools or facilities in a more relaxed atmosphere.

School Concerts and Home ConcertsSchool Concerts and Home Concerts

10. Second Stage: November 15 (Thu) – 17 (Sat)

Twenty four contestants are expected for this stage. Each contestant performs (a) and (b) within 40 min.

  • a. Two or more pieces composed in the following two or more periods -Classical, Romantic, Modern and Contemporary.
  • b. A new work composed by a Japanese composer especially for the 10th Competition.

Results of judgement (12 successful contestants) are to be announced on the last day of November 17 (Sat).

Second StageSecond Stage

11. Third Stage: November 19 (Mon) – 20 (Tue)

Twelve semi-finalists are expected for this stage. They perform chamber music by Mozart and free choice of pieces in a solo recital within 70 min. in total.
Six finalists are to be announced on the last day of November 20 (Tue).

Third StageThird Stage

12. Final Stage: November 23 (Fri) – 24 (Sat)

Each of six finalists performs one of the designated concertos with the Tokyo Symphony Orchestra (Conductor: TAKASEKI Ken).

Final StageFinal Stage

13. Presentation of Awards: November 24 (Sat)

After the long way, the pianist who stands at the pinnacle of the Competition is to be finally announced!

Presentation of AwardsPresentation of Awards

14. Prizewinners’ Concert: November 25 (Sun)

Six finalists showcase their performances in a more relaxed mood, being free from heavy pressure and tension throughout the competition.

Prizewinners’ ConcertPrizewinners’ Concert

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