Cello MUKOYAMA Kaeko

Born in Tokyo, Japan. Kaeko Mukoyama graduated from Tokyo University of the Arts and then studied at the Lubeck National Music University. She has studied violoncello under Keiko Matsunami, Yasushi Horie, Reine Flachot, Hakuro Mouri and David Geringas. Mukoyama won first prize in the 54th Music Competition of Japan in 1985. In 1990, she won first prize in the 10th Gaspar Cassado International Cello Competition in Florence. Mukoyama received the Jury Encouragement Prize at the 3rd Arion Award, and the 2nd Idemitsu Award.
She has been performing with world's top artists and orchestras such as the NHK Symphony Orchestra, and Tokyo Metropolitan Symphony Orchestra. Also Mukoyama has been engaged in a myriad of activities including recitals, chamber music concerts, and concert planning. She appeared many times on NHK-FM programs, acting as MC for a special program or performing live upon request of listeners. Recently her performances at concerts have been televised as well. She served the principal cellist of the NHK Symphony Orchestra from 2013 to 2017.
Her highly acclaimed recordings on five CD albums have been released by SONY Music Japan International. Also, the CDs of Shin-ichiro Ikebe's cello concerto and Akira Miyoshi’s cello concerto are available from CAMERATA-Tokyo. Her chamber music recordings have been released by Nippon Columbia and Nippon Acoustic Records. In May 2013, a live recording of the concert planned by her “Miracle Cello Ensemble – 12 Cellists–” was released from Octavia Records.
Currently Mukoyama serves as an associate professor at Kyoto City University of Arts, and she is a white hope for further success as a representative virtuoso cellist of Japan.