The Competition is open to pianists born on or after January 1, 1985.

Application Period

Applications must arrive at the Secretariat's office between February 1 (Sunday) and April 15 (Wednesday), 2015 (Japan time).


Please ensure you read the PROSPECTUS(English / French) thoroughly before you begin your application process.

How to Apply on line

2  Create MY PAGE account

- you can work on your own page filling out Application Form and uploading accompanying materials.

- you can log out anytime while inputting the data, which can be saved and possible to update.

- modifications can be made any time before you click on ‘SUBMIT APPLICATION’ or the closing date: April 15, 2015).

<Registration Procedure for Creating My Page Account>

3  Prepare accompanying materials

A DVD file for Preliminary Selection

A. A DVD file for Preliminary Selection

- Compress the produced DVD file containing VIDEO_TS folder stored on the DVD (in DVD-video format).
* For repertoire or recording rules and procedures, please click here.

B. An image file

- An image file of a recent good color photo (with a resolution of 300dpi or higher/front facing, chest-up) for publicity use.

  • 最近撮影したカラー写真ファイル
C. A PDF file of the applicant’s passport or other official document that contains his/her name, nationality and birthday (a passport is recommended).


D. A PDF file of letters of recommendation from 2 eminent musicians, one of whom must be specialized in piano (any format is accepted).
5  Submit your application.

Click on 'Submit Application' button before the closing date: April 15, 2015 (Japan time).

6  5. Results of Preliminary Selection

All applicants are to be notified of 'Acceptance or Rejection' by June 30, 2015.

Application by Post

Applicants must send the following materials (1) to (5) to the Secretariat's office.

Application Form

English / French / Japanese

DVD of performance of the repertoire for Preliminary Selection

● DVD created in DVD-video format
● Recording and videotaping methods must strictly follow the notes in [Preliminary examination]

Two recent glossy color photographs

● 7x10cm/front facing, chest-up/300dpi or higher recommended
● For use in the program and other promotional materials, write your name on the back

A copy of an official document that contains the applicant's name, nationality and date of birth (a passport is recommended)

Letters of recommendation from two eminent musicians, one of whom must be specialized in piano (any format is accepted)

Any applications received after the closing date will not be accepted.
Incomplete applications or applications which do not contain all accompanying items will not be considered for Preliminary Selection.
〈Online application〉Applicants must contact the Secretariat if they should not receive e-mail notifying the receipt of their applications within a week after submission.
〈Application by post〉Application materials will not be returned.

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